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Learn a little bit of everything– effective warm-ups, vocal skills, physical range, monologues, audition technique, and more– in a private, intensive environment focused on you.

Ages 14 and up. ($60/hr, $75/1.5 hr)

Public speaking coaching

Nervous about an upcoming speech you have to give? Are you speaking at a wedding or giving an important presentation at school or on the job? With a little practice and a few simple tools, you’ll feel more confident and start to enjoy yourself when speaking in front of a group.

Age 14 and up. ($60/hr, $75 1.5 hr)

College Audition Prep

Designed to prepare graduating high school students for their upcoming college auditions, this class will help the student select appropriate material and develop confidence for all the unknown variables a college audition may entail.

Open to high school students. ($60/hr, $75/1.5 hr)

Monologue finding and development

If you need to find a monologue for an upcoming audition, or simply want to work on your acting skills, this is a good way to do it. Explore vocal nuance, physicality, character, and personal connection in a one-on-one setting.

Age 14 and up. ($60/hr, $75/1.5 hr)

Character work

When working on a character it’s important to do the exterior work (voice, physicality, period) as well as the interior work (emotion, intention, personal connection). Whether you’re already working on a character in a play or preparing to audition for a particular role, this is your class.

Age 14 and up. ($60/hr, $75/1.5 hr)


If you get a handle on Shakespeare, you are better prepared for everything else. Don’t let him intimidate you. Gain tools to unlock the hidden codes, learn the stories, practice the language, and gain confidence in embodying the ideas of the master storyteller.

Age 14 and up. ($60/hr, $75/1.5 hr)

* * *


Scene Study

Work on intention, character, conflict, and truthful interaction with an acting partner on a 5-10 minute scene from a play. Classical, contemporary, comedy, drama…

Age 14 and up. ($70/hr, $80/1.5 hr)

One-Act Play Workshop

The highly competitive one-act play format can be challenging and complicated. Get feedback and advice from someone who has been on both sides of the one-act process– as a student and as a director.

Middle school and high school. ($200 per play/1 hour critique)

To set up an appointment, please contact Andrew by e-mail:



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